Saturday, December 1, 2007

All I Want For Christmas.....

Is a little Christmas spirit, cause I have none. I remember a time when Christmas was soooo important to me. Trimming the tree was practically a religeous experiance as I tried to outdo the last year's tree. I would spend hours hand-making new ornaments while listening to Bing Crosby sing my favorite Christmas carols. Now Christmas is dreary. There is no one left to share it with, just my husband and I and our little Christmas angel who is still too little to understand what the hubbub is all about. It feels strange putting up the tree so just the three of us can stare at it for a month and then take it down. Yet as I type my husband is at the back of our storage room wading through ceiling high boxes desperately trying to navigate his way to the hidden treasure that is our stash of Christmas "stuff". He's determined to celebrate this year regardless of my humbuggery. I'm sure looking forward to the day when my little man is old enough to find Christmas magical and I have a reason to go looking for my lost Christmas spirit.

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