Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Too Sick to Type

I'm feeling too sick (with the flu) to type right now but I wanted to update my blog anyway so I'm just posting this picture and this short note so that everyone knows I'm still alive :) The above picture is a greeting card design done by myself, enjoy!


Don & Debby said...

Such a sweet little bird Kim. I think you've done it again and come up with a great layout for this card and very appealing colors. I hope that you will feel better soon dear. You've had this flu far too long. I think you need more vitamins, especially vitamin C and zinc. Oh and a big hug! So hugs and kisses.

Love Momxxx

Miss*Laurence said...

Love the card. Hope you'll get better fast, it's no good being ill with babies around isn't it?

cindy said...

LOve the card! I hope you get better soon...flu's are nasty business. Take care.

audrey h. said...

Kim...this is gorgeous. Love the background and the birds and eggs are great. Hope you are feeling better.