Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Back From Nova Scotia!

Well, I'm finally back, actually I've been back for a couple of days now but I needed to just relax a bit before jumping back into things. The time change is a full four hours and while I took it pretty well, Liam didn't. At first his nap schedule was so messed up he just decided not to nap at all which made him a little cranky. But all is well now and he's finally back to his old schedule so his mum can finally start with the typing again!

Liam was so good the entire time we were gone, he rarely fussed even though two days into our visit he came down with a horrible cold and was feeling pretty miserable for the rest of out trip. But as usual he charmed everyone with his sweet smile and wonderful disposition. He was even well behaved on the plane going both ways!

Nova Scotia is beautiful! The weather was perfect up until the very last day when we got to experience our first rainy Nova Scotia day. Compared to the dreary weather here at home though Nova Scotia's rain isn't much to talk about :). My parent's old farm house is looking good despite the renovations that were still ongoing during our visit. They have such a beautiful piece of land and the town they live in is charming.

My favorite part of our trip was a city (or is it a town?) named Lunenburg. Lunenburg is incredibly beautiful with it's brightly colored homes and it's old Victorian and Early American architecture. I could easily live there! Some of the other fabulous places to visit are Peggy's Cove, Joggin's Fossil Cliffs, Mahone Bay, Pugwash and the Anne of Green Gables house in PEI.

But when all is said and done, it's good to be home! I look forward to moving to Nova Scotia in a couple of years but I really missed sleeping in my own bed :)!


michelle said...

i'm glad that you enjoyed a visit to the province i call home ... nova scotia is beautiful, especially when we have an extra long bit of summery weather like this year! i love seeing your pictures of the things here i take for granted ... it makes me appreciate them a bit more!

michelle said...

oh, and i love your artwork!