Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Shadow-box

This is the latest project I've been working on. I purchased this shadowbox at IKEA for $14, pretty good deal I think! I painted the outside gold and the inside a mix of blue white and gold. The contents of the box consist of two vintage photos, an old envelope from around 1981, some coffee stained tags, ribbons and trim, some rose pictures from a book I used to have before I dismantled it, moss, an empty snail shell, two flat glass marbles, a snowflake shaped Swarovski crystal, two plastic eggs, some dried grasses, some dried tree fungus, two mini pine cones, some glitter, some feathers and a nest I handmade some time ago from the small roots of a dead tree. Unfortunately my photography skills are lacking and the above photos don't do my creation justice. I had to remove the glass front to get these pictures. I have another of these that I'm doing in an ocean theme.

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Miss*Laurence said...

This post just appeared as I was leaving a comment on another! I think your shadow box is very interesting, it reminds me of Victorian was decors and curiosity shops in one, I am really impressed with the overall finish, an ocean theme will be lovely!