Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Horse Themed Painting

This is a new painting I finished off today. I think I'm happy with it but at the same time I'm not completely sure I love it. The subjects of the painting are two Arabian horses, a foal and a stallion. You may be wondering about the foals face, how part of it is very smooth and the cheek and neck are fuzzy looking. Sometimes if an Arabian foal is for sale or is being featured in a magazine the owner will clip the hair on part of the face to show off the foals bone structure, leaving the rest of the foal fuzzy. The reference photo I used for this particular foal was clipped in such a way which I thought looked rather cute so I decided to paint him that way. I used a crackle medium on the background to give it a nice sort of country look and the rest is done in acrylics, colored pencil and some decorative papers. This one is on an 8x10 canvas.


Anonymous said...

Kim...this is stunning. I love the added touch of the flowers, they are gorgeous. And what an interesting tid-bit about the hair. I had never heard of that.

Don & Debby said...

I can't believe how gorgeous this is! Amazing, amazing! Keep this up darlin, and I will be afraid to pick up a brush when our renovations are done.

Love from Momxxx

Tricia Scott said...

wow! this is so beautiful! i will be back to visit your blog again...your work is splendid and liam is such a cutie pie!

***thank you for visiting me and for leaving such sweet comments!

Kim McCabe said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments :). I'm really happy that you like this painting because when I finished it I was worried that it wasn't any good and was feeling a bit down. I've gotten over that now though :)