Monday, August 13, 2007

My Flea-market Finds

A lovely framed painting purchased for only $10!
An old wedding photo, one of many old wedding photos I found in a box of vintage photos I purchased for $20.
Another lovely old photo purchased at the Saturday flea-market.
This one I especially like!


Don & Debby said...

I like the print of the blue vase with roses. That is very pretty. Seems like you are starting a "rose" collection. I remember when you're style consisted of indian sari fabrics and "stuff". My how you've changed.


Kim McCabe said...

The roses are actually an original painting rather than a print! Pretty amazing I think that I found such a nice original painting for so little. I like to think I changed for the better :). I like roses on everything! Pillows, teacups, plates, artwork and the list goes on....

Love you mum, I miss you and dad bunches and bunches XOXOXOXOXO