Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All for the love of "Bug"

Here are some of the projects I've made for my little Bug's nursery. The shrine was my Mum's idea. We made it together . The picture of Liam is kind of funny looking, sorta like Jabba the Hut :). When I was in labor I was given three epidurals and four shots of morphine, because of this Liam came out looking quite round and swollen. The little clover leaf in the top of the shrine is there because of Liam's Irish background.
The collage I actually just made last week. It consists of scrapbook papers, purple trim, some ribbon and some of those little cardboard decorations from the local scrapbook store (I can't for the life of me remember the name for these).
The bears were actually Mcdonalds toys at one time. Back when Mcdonalds did the Build a Bear themed toys my husband picked up a couple because he thought they were cute and I customized them. I painted the bodies with acrylic paint, added some ribbon, trim, beads on wire and made cute little glittery hats for them.

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