Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Somewhat Amusing

Just when I thought I had found the house of my dreams, disappointment reared it's ugly head. Recently I came across a cute little white house for sale in Nova Scotia, it was SUPER cheap and I fell in love. I was certain it was the house for me, so much so that I was already deciding how I would fix it up to make it just perfect. Well, just last week I found out that it wasn't quite as perfect as I had thought. Turns out the town it's located in is home to a very large penitentary that happens to specialize in violent criminals. Isn't that lovely? Needless to say I am no longer in love with the cute little white house. I guess it's for the best, at least I found out about it before moving in and finding out my next door neighbor happens to be Charles Manson.


Don & Debby said...

Hi Kim, I was pleasantly surprised when I read your post. For someone who doesn't read and who had a difficult time in school, you sure can put words together in a very pleasing way. Good job!

Don & Debby said...

Hi sweetie,
When do you plan on putting a price on your lovely artwork and also doing a couple of test "prints"? You really should give it a try because your art looks great on the internet.

Love from Momxxx

PS how is the little bug? Is he bigger now? Oh I miss you guys!

Kim McCabe said...

Hey mum & dad! I'll e-mail you tonight :)

Ulla said...

Kim! I agree, I wouldn't want to live next to a place like that either - no matter how cute the house... Thanks for your email! Your artwork is really wonderful! I especially like your Marie Antoinette Cake like color palette! And I agree with your Mum, 'your little bug' is truly adorable!!! Best of luck on your blog!

Kim McCabe said...

Thanks Ulla for your kind words, I appreciate the visit to my blog :)