Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

I just wanted to wish all of you out in Blogland a very happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Now, back to my painting :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sophie and Oscar

The first picture shown above is my latest painting which I've named "Sophie and Oscar". It's mostly acrylic with some colored pencil on watercolor paper. I later added the border of old things (watch face, letter, magazine ad and so on) in Photoshop. The original painting isn't 100% finished yet but I decided to scan and tweak it just for fun :). I'll be working on finishing the original up tonight and it should be finished before I head off to bed.

Next we have a small collage I did in very much the same way as the first. It too will be finished off tonight before bed. Can you tell I like swans? I think they're magical and I enjoy adding them to my artwork :) .

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A New Swan Themed Painting

I must apologize for the lousy picture, I took it this morning before the sun was out and the flash did not do it justice. The colors are a bit off and alot of the detail is lost but it at least gives you an idea of what the painting looks like. This is my latest work, an acrylic painting on a 12x36 canvas. As always, click on the above image to see a larger picture.
Today I spent most of the day working on my website. It's almost finished and I think it should be ready by the end of the week! I can't wait! It's been a work in progress for so long and I'm a little tired of it by now. I made three different versions of all of the graphics before I was happy with them. Talk about a lot of work! I've learned so much about Photoshop now though that I think it has all been worth it. Plus I'm sure I saved quite a bit of money doing it all myself rather than paying someone else to. I'll post here when it's published to the internet.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Blog Party!

It's time for the "What do you LOVE about your holiday home blog party"! I figured it would be fun to join in on the festivities hosted by Karla's Cottage. I will admit, I don't have alot of Christmas spirit this year but I do love my home, as decrepid as it may be :). What do I love most about it? It's coziness. Of course considering how tiny it is it isn't all that surprising that it's cozy :)! I love being at home in a pair of warm pajamas with a cup of strong black coffee and my little Bug "Liam" playing and smiling beside me. Actually there is something I love about my home so very much more than it's coziness. I love the fact that it's where my son lives and that it's the place I spend countless hours playing and taking care of the love of my life, my sweet sweet little Christmas Angel :) Okay, I'll stop the sappiness now (which couldn't be helped, I'm a mum!). On with the posts full of pictures.....enjoy :)!

My Sad Little Attempt at Christmas

Well, here it is in all it's glory! Unfortunately about half of my christmas decorations are missing so this will have to do this year. Hopefully next year I'll be able to spend more on building up my collection of ornaments again. Still, it's rather pretty for a simple decorating scheme. My tree skirt is also missing so I used an embroidered Indian sari that does the trick nicely! The cute little snowman was a very thoughtful gift from my husband :). The toughest thing this year will be keeping my son away from the tree. He can't walk yet but he has mastered the art of bouncing his bouncy chair around the room and somehow it keeps winding up right next to the tree. Apparently the pointsetta flowers on my tree are tasty, as he's already taste tested one :)!

Christmas Inspiration

Because I don't have a super fantastic display of decorations this holiday season (thanks to a couple of missing decoration boxes) I thought I'd share some pictures I scanned from various Christmas issue home decor magazines of mine. The above pictures are from the following magazines....

Home Companion
Home Companion
Canadian House and Home
British Edition (Country Living?)

My little Corner

This is my little corner. It's not a full room like some people have but it's mine and I love it! I keep all of my art supplies in the cupboard shown in the last photo. The bulletin board is my "inspiration board" I have plans to get into designing greeting cards so I have a bunch of cards from other companies posted to inspire me. And it's all dressed up for Christmas too :)! The wallpaper on my computer screen as shown in the first photo is actually a painting I did a little while back in acrylics.

Free Vintage Clipart!

Feel free to use these images however you like. They are all vintage ephemera from my personal collection in JPEG format. They are all copyright free as well :) . Just click on each image for a larger version and right click and save.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Bathroom Loveliness

I recently purchased a tiny litte home decorating book entitled "Comfortable Country". It was such a low price and the pictures are just fabulous! I highly recommend it to any country decorating fan. The above pictures are of a bathroom in my new little book that I'm just in love with! Wouldn't it be pure joy to take a hot bath on a cold winter night in this bathroom? Someday I will have a bathroom just like this one, I'm very determined! I thought others might love these pictures as much as I do so I decided to share, aren't you glad I did?! :)

I may be trailer trash but it ain't so bad!

The above pictures I took today. I wish I lived in a beautiful old house full of fine antique furnishings but alas, I embarressingly enough live in a run down old mobile home that I rent. It's not so bad, really. While my house needs work I do get to keep my lovely little Chihuahuas which many renters aren't lucky enough to have and I live in the country surrounded by green fields and trees with something I really appreciate, QUIET! I love how quiet the country is! I love that my son can nap with no interuptions and that the only sounds I do hear from time to time are horses calling to one another from distant fields, the wind blowing on blustery days and my landlords dogs barking from time to time. I also love the privacy I have here. No, it's not so bad to be trailer trash :). And we all have to start somewhere.

I can say one thing though, my living room is the cutest and probably most well decorated mobile home living room around! It's cozy, colorful and full of lovely treasures. I only wish I were a better photographer and could share with blogland the cuteness that is my livingroom, my favorite room.

Our (my husband and myself) plan is to move to Nova Scotia in a couple of years. There we will be able to afford the little old house of my dreams. Houses there are incredibly cheap and incredibly cute! I won't always be trailer trash :)!

New Artwork!

These are my most recent paintings. The first is a Marie Antoinette style lady done in acrylics and colored pencil and the other is a collaged piece done on watercolor paper with some acrylics and colored pencil.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Arabian Foal Collage

Whoops! I accidentally deleted a post from last month so I'm posting it again. The above picture is a painting I did of a purebred Arabian foal starting to turn grey. Horses are born bay, chestnut or black and grey out over time. This painting is acrylic and colored pencil (the foal)with added vintage ephemera.

Random Acts of Cuteness!

One night I slept on the couch to escape my husband's snoring and left my blanket and pillow there during the day while I was busy with my son Liam. This is what happens in a house owned by Chihuahuas (see above pictures). No, I didn't pose them that way. Aren't they just TOO cute?! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some More Artwork and a Love of Paper

Two acrylic paintings on watercolor paper and a vintage ephemera collage on watercolor paper. The vintage lovelies are not the originals, I just couldn't bring myself to covering them in glue and paint. Instead I scanned the originals and printed out copies to use in my artwork. I collect anything vintage but have a special fondness for paper. Old fashion magazines, prints, postcards, photos, cabinet cards, Victorian trading cards and labels are just a few of the different sorts of vintage paper items I collect. The oldest in my collection are two beautiful original fashion plates (full page pictures from a magazine) from an 1824 Pariesian fashion magazine. I try not to collect anything newer than 1920 with the 1800's being my favorite time period. All of my collection (except some huge prints, an old 1870's marriage license and my antique books and magazines) is packed safely in plastic sleeves in a huge binder so I can look through it whenever I feel the urge.

Snow Day!

This past Sunday we had snow! It lasted all of one day :). Normally I am sad to see the snow disappear but this time it didn't bother me so much because my husband's van isn't very good in the snow and I worry. My little bug didn't mind the cold when we had to leave the house to go shopping because he was nicely padded as you can see from the picture. I got him all dressed up in winter gear and was ready to go when I realized his coat made him too fat to fit into his car seat. So off came the jacket and on went the warm fuzzy blanket over his seat belt. He was so cute in his jacket, he couldn't move at all and was easy to just prop up in the corner of the couch :).

Saturday, December 1, 2007

All I Want For Christmas.....

Is a little Christmas spirit, cause I have none. I remember a time when Christmas was soooo important to me. Trimming the tree was practically a religeous experiance as I tried to outdo the last year's tree. I would spend hours hand-making new ornaments while listening to Bing Crosby sing my favorite Christmas carols. Now Christmas is dreary. There is no one left to share it with, just my husband and I and our little Christmas angel who is still too little to understand what the hubbub is all about. It feels strange putting up the tree so just the three of us can stare at it for a month and then take it down. Yet as I type my husband is at the back of our storage room wading through ceiling high boxes desperately trying to navigate his way to the hidden treasure that is our stash of Christmas "stuff". He's determined to celebrate this year regardless of my humbuggery. I'm sure looking forward to the day when my little man is old enough to find Christmas magical and I have a reason to go looking for my lost Christmas spirit.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Back From the Dead :)

Except for a horrible cough I'm doing much better. Such a long running flu! I felt as if it would never go away. Having the flu at the same time as a baby that needs constant care is the ultimate of challenges! Liam's sweet disposition was especially a blessing while we went thru our illness.

Last night my neice Kristy gave me a tatoo on my wrist. She's an apprentice tatoo artist and is very good. Mine is very simple, just Liam's name in a pretty font, nothing fancy. I'm a simple kinda gal :) . It didn't hurt at all when she was doing it but it does sting a bit now. I'll post pictures once the redness goes away.

Anyway, I need to go feed my little bug now so I'll post more tommorow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Too Sick to Type

I'm feeling too sick (with the flu) to type right now but I wanted to update my blog anyway so I'm just posting this picture and this short note so that everyone knows I'm still alive :) The above picture is a greeting card design done by myself, enjoy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Very NOT Brief Late Night Post

What can you do with Photoshop? Well the above picture is one example. I was busy scanning artwork for my website today when I decided to take a break and play around on Photoshop with one of my acrylic paintings. It's fun to come up with weird new artistic ideas :)

I'm also currently working on writing a children's book which I will illustrate myself, that is if the story turns out to be any good. My husband likes it so far, but you know husband's they like everything their wives do, or at least they should if they know what's good for them LOL :)! I've always wanted to write a children's book but just never got around to it so the other day I finally just sat down and wrote the first page. The first page is easy, it's the rest that has me wondering if I'm cut out for this sort of thing. Ah well, we shall see :)

I'm also gearing up to start selling my artwork. I'm going to be selling artist prints, original art and greeting cards. I'm trying to be brave but there's this little voice inside my head that whispers, "be AFRAID be very AFRAID!" I know I should just ignore that darned voice but I'm thinking it's easier said than done. Are all artist's secretly scared people won't like their creations? The scariest part will be going in person to actual shops and trying to convince them to carry my line of cards! I have no clue what I'm going to say. I know, I have such a difficult life! However do I manage!? :)

We're all sick here. First my husband came down with the flu, then my poor baby boy a couple days later and now me. I can handle having the flu, I'm a tough gal. But watching my little bug suffer with a plugged nose and an achey body makes me feel so much worse. He loves sneezing, it makes him smile but he's not too fond of the tissue that usually follows furiously whiping his nose :) .

Anyway I should sign off, it's late and I'm just barely keeping my eyes open. I apologize if I get a little behind in my blog visiting and e-mail answering, things are crazy right now and I'm trying so hard to keep up with my life. Hopefully things will slow down in another hundred years and I can maybe relax a bit :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007